Why Do We Choose Water Source Heat Pumps for Heating?

Why Do We Choose Water Source Heat Pumps for Heating?


In this article, SUOHER specifically shared the working principles and advantages of water source heat pumps to explain why it is the best way to choose water source heat pump heating.

Why Do We Choose Water Source Heat Pumps for Heating?
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As we all know, energy is the material basis for the existence and development of human society and the guarantee for human survival. The development of human society and energy utilization are inseparable.

Among them, water-source heat pump heating is one of the leading topics in the international air-conditioning and refrigeration industry. It is the main form of renewable energy utilization such as solar energy and geothermal energy, and it is also a promising energy-saving and environmentally-friendly device and system. We will explain why we choose water source heat pump for heating by introducing the working principle and advantages of water source heat pump.

The working principle of water source heat pumps

Shallow water sources on the earth's surface absorb the radiant energy from the sun entering the earth, and the temperature of these water sources is generally very stable. The working principle of the water source heat pump unit is to transfer the heat from the building to the water source in summer.

Because of the low temperature of the water source, the heat can be taken away efficiently. In winter, energy is extracted from the water source, and the heat pump principle uses air or water as cooling, the temperature will be raised by the agent and sent to the building.

Usually water source heat pump water pump consumes 1kW of energy, and users can get more than 4kW of heat or cooling. The water source heat pump uses water as the heat source and cooling medium in both the heating and cooling processes, that is, the switching working fluid circuit is used to realize the heating and cooling operation.

As the medium in the heat pump heating and cooling process, water can be used when the following two conditions are met-one is that the temperature of the water is between 7°C and 30°C, and the other is that the amount of water is sufficient. The source water can be various industrial waste water, domestic water, sea water, river water, etc., or even various industrial waste heat.

Significant advantages of water source heat pump heating

1. Significant environmental benefits

Water source heat pump is a heating and air-conditioning system that uses surface water as a source of cold and heat for energy conversion. The boiler room systems such as coal, gas, and oil are omitted when heating, and there is no combustion process, which avoids pollution such as smoke and sewage; when cooling, the cooling water tower is omitted, which avoids the noise, mold pollution of the cooling tower and Water consumption. Therefore, the water source heat pump uses a technology of clean and renewable energy.

The usable water temperature of the high-efficiency water source heat pump unit is 12~22℃ in winter, and the water temperature is higher than the ambient air temperature. Therefore, the evaporation temperature of the heat pump cycle is increased, and the energy efficiency ratio is also improved. In summer, the water body is 18~35℃, and the temperature of the water body is lower than the ambient air temperature, so the condensing temperature of refrigeration is lowered, making the cooling effect better than air-cooled and cooling towers, and the efficiency of the unit is improved.

According to EPA estimates, a well-designed and installed water source heat pump can save users 30-40% of the operating costs of heating, cooling, and air conditioning on average.

2. Energy saving

The electrical energy used by water source heat pumps is a clean energy source, but when generating electricity, it consumes primary energy and causes the emission of pollutants and carbon dioxide greenhouse gases.

A well-designed water source heat pump unit can reduce electricity consumption by more than 30% compared with air source heat pumps, and can reduce electricity consumption by more than 70% compared with electric heating. Therefore, the water source heat pump saves energy while reducing and reducing the pollution emissions and greenhouse effect generated during the primary energy consumption process during power generation.

3. Wide range of applications

Water source heat pumps can be widely used in central heating and cooling of hotels, office buildings, schools, commercial villas, residential quarters, and air conditioning in other commercial and industrial buildings. It can also be used in swimming pools, dairy processing, beer brewing, cold rolling forging, cold storage, indoor planting and constant temperature breeding and other industries.

One machine can be used for multiple purposes, using a set of equipment to provide cooling, heating, and domestic hot water. For the air conditioning system, one heat pump provides two heat sources, which can save one-time investment. The total investment is only 60% of the traditional air conditioning system, and it is easy to install. The installation workload is less than other air conditioning systems and the installation period is short. It is also easy to change the installation.

Water source heat pump is the most suitable heating method in terms of performance and energy saving. You can find high-quality products on SUOHE's website with competitive prices. If you want to know more about water source heat pump after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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