How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Heat Pump?


Choosing a suitable swimming pool heat pump can ensure that the water temperature of the swimming pool has a constant state, and it is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Learn about how to choose the right swimming pool heat pump.

How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Heat Pump?
a specific introduction to the installation method and precautions of the swimming pool heat pump

Air-energy swimming pool heat pumps are more and more favored by swimming pools and hotels, and swimming pool heat pumps play a great role in the control of swimming pool water temperature.

Choosing a pool heat pump that is too small may result in insufficient heat, and the pool water temperature cannot reach 26°C. Choosing an oversized swimming pool heat pump may result in surplus horses and excessive investment. The followings are the factors to consider when choosing a suitable swimming pool heat pump.

We all know that the installation of a swimming pool heat pump is a highly professional project, and it needs to involve all aspects of the swimming pool parameters in order to get a suitable swimming pool heat pump solution.

Therefore, in the early stage of design and selection of swimming pool heat pumps, the required data parameters should be prepared, including the climate environment where the swimming pool is located, the power capacity and location of the swimming pool equipment room, the area of the swimming pool, the depth of the water, the water temperature, whether indoor or outdoor, etc.

Before choosing a swimming pool heat pump, you need to provide the above-mentioned data accurately, including the area, the climate, the pressure, and so on. The more and more accurate swimming pool data parameters are provided, the better the effect of the swimming pool heat pump on swimming pool water temperature control.

Secondly, different swimming pools have different requirements for the use of swimming pool heat pumps. The initial healing time for competition and special swimming pools should be 24 to 48 hours. Competition and special swimming pools should not be filled with water for more than 48 hours for the first time, and leisure and water swimming pools should not be filled with water for more than 72 hours for the first time.

Therefore, the professionalism and pertinence required by swimming pool heat pumps have emerged. Different swimming pool heat pumps need to provide sufficient pool water insulation effects for swimming pools with different needs.

It should also be noted that when calculating the heat required for the swimming pool water temperature, heat loss and water replenishment need to be taken into account. When heating the pool water, there are two situations: one is the initial heating of the pool water, and the other is the constant temperature heating of the pool water.

In particular, the selection of swimming pool machines for swimming pool water heating is based on the maximum load of both the initial heating load and the constant temperature heating load of the swimming pool. Here, it is best to follow the advice of a professional plan designer on the number of heat pump units, and you must not choose arbitrarily.

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