4 Precautions for Maintaining Water Source Heat Pumps

4 Precautions for Maintaining Water Source Heat Pumps


Only regular inspection and maintenance of the water source heat pump can maintain its operating effect and extend its service life. This article will specifically introduce four precautions for maintaining water source heat pumps.

4 Precautions for Maintaining Water Source Heat Pumps
 some precautions for maintaining water source heat pumps
In modern life, water source heat pump technology is more and more widely used. Water source heat pumps can be further divided into surface water source heat pumps and ground water source heat pumps according to different sources of water. 

The maintenance of the water source heat pump is conducive to the extension of the life of the equipment, so the equipment must be maintained in strict accordance with the specifications. The followings are some precautions for maintaining water source heat pumps.

(1) When using the water source heat pump unit in winter, ensure that the main engine, water pump, and main power supply cannot be turned off. It is best to adopt interlocking control between the water pump and the main engine to ensure that the unit performs the antifreeze protection function. 

If joint control is not possible, and the air conditioner is not used for a long time, it is necessary to ensure that the water system and the heat exchanger of the unit are discharged cleanly. According to the temperature situation, turn on the water pumps every 1-5 hours for 5-10 minutes, and turn on the main mechanism to heat if necessary.

(2) The unit has reached the best working condition after adjustment by the manufacturer. The user should not change the set operating parameters at will. The unit is strictly prohibited to operate the switches frequently. The number of power-on should not exceed 6 times per hour, and the running time should be more than 5 minutes. . The main circuit power switch must be kept on during the normal use period to maintain the normal operation of the compressor oil heater.

(3) During the operation period of the equipment, the whole machine should be inspected once a month to check the noise of the unit and strengthen the system pipeline. The compressor and auxiliary components need to be inspected and maintained. The voltage and phase-to-phase voltage are checked and recorded, and the winding resistance of the motor is measured and recorded with a megohmmeter.

(4) Check the sealing condition of the refrigerant system, check the compressor unloading device, and decide whether to replace the filter drier according to the actual operating conditions. The filter drier needs to be replaced when the unit runs for more than 4000 hours. Check all other lubricating oil system components, check the adjustment of the expansion valve, and check the operation of the four-way valve and solenoid valve.

In addition to the above-mentioned maintenance methods for water source heat pumps, water source heat pumps also need to have certain requirements for water quality. If the water quality is not up to standard, it may cause damage to the valve, main engine and other accessories, and affect the operation of the main engine. If you want to know more about water source heat pump after reading the above content, you can contact SUOHER for professional advice.

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