4 Advantages of Using Air Source Heat Pumps

4 Advantages of Using Air Source Heat Pumps


In recent years, air source heat pumps have become more and more common in our lives. Today, let’s talk about the significant advantages of using air source heat pumps.

4 Advantages of Using Air Source Heat Pumps
the four prominent advantages of using air source heat pumps
In addition to meeting the standard refrigeration function of central air conditioning, the air source heat pump has an even better heating effect. After technological upgrading and development, the operating environment temperature range of low-temperature air source heat pump heating can break through the challenge of low temperature -25℃. The followings are the four prominent advantages of using air source heat pumps.

Efficient operation and wide range

In addition to meeting the refrigeration demand, the air source heat pump dual supply can also realize the heating demand in the low temperature environment. The heat exchanger of the heat pump unit has been optimized in design, and the heat exchange and defrosting effects are more efficient. On the whole, after the components are upgraded, the air-source heat pump unit has a wider operating range than the central air-conditioning unit, and the heating effect is better. Especially the working environment temperature range of low temperature air source heat pump can reach -25℃~43℃.

The unit has soft wind and high comfort

When the fluorine machine is running, the refrigerant directly exchanges heat with the air, and the amount of dehumidification is large. Excessive dehumidification may cause the indoor air to dry, and this experience is obvious when it is turned on for a long time. 

The difference between the operation of the air source heat pump and the fluorine machine is that after the outdoor unit compresses the refrigerant, the cold/hot water produced by heat exchange with water, and then heat exchange with indoor air. The moisture in the air is not easy to lose, and the air will be softer.

Support a variety of terminal forms

The air source heat pump system has multiple functions. In summer, the wind panel is used for cooling. In winter, the joint heating terminal provides heating to the room. It supports multiple terminal forms including floor heating, wind panel and radiator to provide users with more comfortable heating effects and diversity. 

The temperature of the hot water for heating in traditional central air conditioners is low, and the low-temperature heating effect is poor, which limits the choice of indoor ends. The outlet water temperature of the air source heat pump unit is higher. When heating, it supports a variety of terminal methods to achieve indoor heating, such as radiant floor, radiator, and special heating fan.

Heating operation is energy-saving and efficient

The air source heat pump unit has high heat production efficiency. It uses a small amount of electricity to drive the compressor. The general thermal efficiency (energy efficiency ratio) can reach 2.5-3.0 during winter heating. Compared with the wall-hung boiler heating, electric heating, etc., the air source heat pump is more energy-saving good.

The air source heat pump two-generation unit can effectively solve the rigid demand for cooling and heating, is efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and is a standard configuration for healthy and comfortable houses. If you want to know more about the air source heat pump after reading the above, please contact us for professional and comprehensive solutions.

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