Working Principle and Characteristics of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Working Principle and Characteristics of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps


The main function of the swimming pool heat pump is to build a constant temperature for the swimming pool and keep people in a good state of exercise. This article will specifically introduce the working principles and characteristics of swimming pool heat pumps.

Working Principle and Characteristics of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
the working principles and characteristics of swimming pool heat pumps

The swimming pool heat pump is specially designed for swimming pools in hotels, clubs, training, etc. It can create a constant temperature for the swimming pool water to meet people's daily training, entertainment and other temperature requirements.

It can also create a high-standard comfortable environment for the indoor swimming pool, ensuring a comfortable system for the indoor swimming pool's air humidity, air temperature, ventilation, and exhaust. The following are the working principles and characteristics of swimming pool heat pumps.

Working principle

The swimming pool heat pump is integrated in the constant temperature and humidity equipment, and the fan of the equipment draws warm and humid air from the swimming pool room. The air flows through the evaporator coil, and the heat energy is transferred to the refrigerant. After the liquid refrigerant flows through the evaporator, it becomes a gaseous state, and then enters the compressor of the equipment, where it is compressed into a high-humidity gaseous refrigerant. 

When entering the compressor, the refrigerant absorbs the energy used to operate the compression, and this high-humidity gaseous refrigerant flows through the air reheating coil and the pool water condenser.

When the swimming pool heat pump heats the air, the air reheating coil is used. The high-humidity gaseous refrigerant exchanges energy with the cooler air from the evaporator, and transfers the heat energy to the air, so that the air temperature rises to achieve the heating purpose, and then Put the heated empty gas is delivered to the swimming pool.

When the swimming pool heat pump heats the water in the swimming pool, the high-humidity gaseous refrigerant flows into the pool water condenser to transfer heat to the water entering the swimming pool, and the heated water returns to the swimming pool. The swimming pool heat pump completes the pool water heating process.


1. Powerful

A host with a dehumidification air cabinet can provide three functions of swimming pool constant temperature, heating, and dehumidification at the same time. With the newly designed microcomputer control system, it can realize automatic mode switching, simple operation, complete protection functions, and powerful functions.

2. Stable and efficient

The use of high-efficiency double-pipe heat exchangers, the countercurrent arrangement of the swimming pool water circuit and the refrigerant circuit can ensure the supercooling of the outlet refrigerant and improve the efficiency of the system; pass the 5.0MPa pressure test to ensure the safe and stable operation of the heat exchanger. Spiral coils make the water path unobstructed and convenient for freezing and cleaning. 

Freeze cleaning can shorten downtime and avoid the use of chemicals. The gap between the refrigerant circuit and the shell is small, which will not cause lubricating oil to stay, and the oil will return smoothly. The water coil has no internal joints, which reduces the probability of leakage.

3. Safety and environmental protection

The use of heat pump technology to heat the pool water and maintain its temperature constant, achieving water and electricity isolation. Compared with gas heating systems, the entire heating process has no combustion and no exhaust gas emissions. Compared with electric boiler heating systems, it is truly safe and environmentally friendly.

4. Intelligent control

It adopts a new generation of touch-screen buttons and a dot matrix LCD multi-function controller, capable of independent temperature control, stepless water level adjustment, intelligent defrosting, and automatic switching of various modes. When the unit fails, the controller fault indicator will flash, and the wire controller will display the corresponding fault code. It is easy to use and operate as you want.

Swimming pool heat pump technology is also constantly developing, and will be applied to more industries and scenarios in the future. If you want to know more about swimming pool heat pump after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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