4 Considerations for Choosing an Air Source Heat Pump

4 Considerations for Choosing an Air Source Heat Pump


Air source heat pumps have a wide range of applications and outstanding energy-saving effects, but we need to pay attention to some things when choosing. This article will specifically introduce four considerations for choosing an air source heat pump.

4 Considerations for Choosing an Air Source Heat Pump
four considerations for choosing an air source heat pump

An air-source heat pump is an energy-saving device that uses high-level energy to make heat flow from low-level heat source air to a high-level heat source. Air source heat pumps have low operating costs and outstanding energy-saving effects, but many factors need to be considered when choosing. The following are four considerations for choosing an air source heat pump.

1. Choose different types according to the specific situation

When choosing an air source heat pump, you should choose according to different regions and conditions. For example, some areas with an annual temperature below -20° should consider using ultra-low temperature heat pumps, while in general southern regions, you can choose a low-temperature air source heat pump unit.

The air source heat pump has multiple functions and can be connected to a variety of terminals such as fan coils, low-temperature radiators, floor heating, etc., and different matching schemes can be selected according to actual user requirements.

2. Choose an air source heat pump with a high-quality compressor

The core components of air source heat pumps include compressors, water pumps, motors, expansion valves, etc. A high-efficiency original compressor can better integrate with other components inside the air conditioner, and maximize the ability of the air conditioner. As the core component of the four major components of the air conditioner, the quality of the compressor directly determines the quality of the air conditioner. The compressor is likened to the heart of the air source heat pump unit, and the price difference of air energy products is mainly due to the internal components of the compressor.

3. Pay attention to the energy consumption of air source heat pumps

A large part of the reason why air source heat pumps are becoming more and more popular among consumers is that they are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and efficient. They do not consume petrochemical energy or produce carbon dioxide, which is in line with future energy use trends. Air source heat pump cooling and heating units use low-grade air heat and use a small amount of electricity to drive compressors. In winter heating, the general thermal efficiency (energy efficiency ratio) can reach 2.5-3.0. Compared with wall-hung boiler heating, the energy-saving of air source heat pumps better. The dual air supply is also one of the most efficient and energy-saving ways of heating at present. Compared with electric heating or gas heating, heat pump heating saves more than 40% of the cost.

When purchasing, you can understand the energy efficiency level of the air source heat pump host, as well as information such as conventional voltage, power consumption, input power, heating capacity, and COP.

The energy efficiency ratio (COP) can measure the performance value of a machine in terms of energy-saving and power-saving, consumption reduction, and environmental protection, that is, the ratio of heating capacity (cooling capacity) to operating power. In layman's terms, the energy efficiency ratio refers to the heating generated by consuming one portion of electricity.  The higher the energy efficiency ratio, the higher the energy conversion efficiency of the air source heat pump unit when in use, the more power-saving the product, and the relatively less power consumption per unit time. The energy efficiency ratio is an important parameter to measure the performance of air sources, and it is necessary to choose a system with a higher energy efficiency ratio and more energy-saving.

4. Pay attention to after-sales service

When purchasing equipment, unit operation stability is very important, and installation and after-sales service cannot be ignored. After-sales service is a question that needs to be considered when purchasing an air source heat pump system. Pay attention to understanding the specific after-sales warranty period and contact processing methods. Any product has the possibility of failure, and timely and competent after-sales service is essential. Before buying, you should check whether the merchant evaluates the service, whether the problem is handled in a timely manner, and whether the service attitude is good. After-sales service must be guaranteed so that there are no worries about using it.

Choosing a high-quality air source heat pump can reduce the occurrence of failures and prolong its service life as much as possible. If you want to know more about the air source heat pump after reading the above content, you can get a more comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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